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Adrianos Travel is a Travel Agency in Greece, founded in 1972, located in the heart of Athens, near Cathedral church, inside the famous Athens Flea Market.

Adrianos Travel is specialized in outgoing tourism, offering to individual tourists discount rates on tickets, for traveling by Air, Sea or Land from any location to any destination of the world. Special arrangements are provided to groups.

Adrianos Travel has the opportunity to offer special prices for students all over the world.

Adrianos Travel provides to its customers complete travel service, assisting them in all the aspects of their traveling either for business or for vacations.

Greece, being our homeland, allows us to offer special treatment to our visitors, comprising arrangements to expand their traveling to further destinations. Our experienced staff can satisfy the traveler on a very high and friendly service level, in order to enjoy the traditional Greek hospitality with archeological sites, beautiful sea shores and the famous, all over the world, sun bathed Greek islands.

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66 Pandrosou Str. 10556 Monastiraki Square
Telephone: +30 210 3220702, +30 210 3231015
Fax: +30 210 3248657
Email info@adrianostravel.gr