One (1) day cruise Hydra-Poros-Aegina


One (1) day cruise Hydra-Poros-Aegina
One (1) day cruise Hydra-Poros-Aegina
Price: 109 €

By far the most beloved cruise of Athens!

Elegant vessels, delicious food, live music, dancing, entertainment and a sea of happy faces from all over the world on a wonderful voyage to Greek islands.

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Let’s sail together! You only need to bring your camera… we’ll bring the good mood!


The port of Hydra, whose amphitheatre shape once served as a safe shelter for Pirates, welcomes you. From the decks, you will be able to admire the very special architecture and dramatic landscapes of the island, whose old traditional stone houses and mansions silently witness to a long and turbulent history.

As soon as you disembark, it’s all there… the small narrow stone-paved streets waiting to be explored on foot or by the island’s traditional “vehicle” – the saddled donkey… captivating walks along the old seaside promenade… crystal clear waters, radiant traditional fine craft shops, the beauty of Hydra will conquer you forever!

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Poros Town rests in a narrow strait between Poros Island and the Peloponnese, quietly nestled in the embrace of deep green pine forests and mildly scented lemon groves. A climb to the town’s magnificent bell tower offers an unforgettable view.

A favorite of the international Jet-set Hydra is the beloved muse of painters, craftsmen and photographers. Its unique architecture, crystal clear waters, splendid craft & jewel shops, folk art and the island’s traditional means of transport – the donkey, make it one of the last examples of “living Mediterranean history”.

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Aegina, is known for its rich history, inspiring pistachio grove landscapes, Aegina Port’s lively fish market and colorful floating fruit and vegetable marketplace as well as picturesque seaside villages such as St. Marina with its taverns, traditional shops and beautiful golden beaches. During our call at one of the ports you may choose to visit the majestic 5th century BC temple of the Goddess Aphaia which is regarded as the best preserved ancient temple of Greece offering a magnificent view of the whole Saronic Gulf. Another possibility is a visit to the church of St. Nectarios known for its impressive Byzantine architecture and silver-carved tomb of the Saint.

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You will return to Athens with a palette of wonderful impressions that you will cherish forever.


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